Establishment (Foundation) of a Commandite Company

In this form of business company, some of the partners are liable for the association's debts in the amount of capital which they contributed, while the other partners have unlimited liability. Those partners with unlimited liability are called active partners (commandite) and those with limited liability silent partners (commanditer). Legal entities can only be commandite. No minimum capital is required. The relationship between share holders is designated in the articles of association freely. In other words; a form of partnership in which there are one or more silent partners who contribute funds but were liable only for the capital invested and later only according to a registered scheme of liability.
Regarding the points that are not mentioned below; provisions imposed for collective companies are applied to commandite companies.

Registration Procedures (Transactions)
(1-) Petition must be signed by the company official (authorized person), if is signed by proxy, original form or authenticated copy of the power of attorney must be enclosed, tax office where the company is registered must be indicated and included with the attached documents. The commercial title, capital, registered office (company headquarters), starting date of business, field of activity on this date and NACE code regarding that must be specified clearly and the following statement must be included as; “the information contained in this petition is complete and accurate, if otherwise is determined the person or persons signing this petition shall be responsible.”
(2-) Chamber Registration Statement, (must be signed by the partners (shareholders) and must be with photos of the partners (shareholders)),
(3-) Founding charter (articles of association) signed by the founders of the company and notarized (4 copies),
(4-) Establishment Statement (or Statement of Establishment); (the related gaps must be filled in and signed by an authorized person - 3 copies; if there is a foreign capital in 4 copies)
(5-) One (1) notarized copy of the list of authorized signatures (statement of signatures) signed by the authorized persons under the commercial title of the company including the power of representation and binding the company,
(6-) In case of a commanditer partner invested capital in kind, original or authenticated forms of expert assignment writ of court regarding the expert report on the valuation and determination of amount (value) of capital in kind,
(7-) Original form of the document to be obtained from the related registry office stating there is not any limitation on the invested capital in kind,
(8-) Original form of the document showing that the immovables, intellectual property rights and properties invested as capital in kind that have been affixed annotation to the registry offices where they are registered,

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