Establishment (Foundation) of Liaison (Contact) Office of Foreign Companie

Companies registered out of Turkey may establish a liaison office or an affiliate for the purpose of introducing their activities in Turkey. Liaison offices cannot be engaged in the commercial activities generating income unlike the affiliates and all their expenses are covered by the foreign money to be brought in Turkey from abroad.
The related offices to be applied for the establishment of a liaison offices are, Undersecretariat for the Treasury and General Directorate of Foreign Capital. Permission (license) for the establishment of a liaison office is issued within 5 days following the completion of the application process by submitting the required documents and forms to be filled in before the related offices.

Registration Procedures (Transactions):
(1-) Certificate of activity of the principal (parent) company,
(2-) Balance Sheet and Income Statement or Activity Report of the principal (parent) company,
(3-) Power of attorney given to the authorized or assigned person who will run the activities of the liaison office by the principal (parent) company,

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